About us:

De Observeerders (Dutch for The Observers) is a collective of professional film makers with a preference for a documentary style and approach with attention and respect for what is already existent. For what's real and beautiful.

We are fascinated by stories and footage which are found in the real world around us like it is and by people like they really are. By watching attentive, by observing and asking the right questions we try to approach the essence of a good story. We work on a diverse range of assigned films. This can be the story of a person, a company or the representation of a concept. Besides work for clients we also do our own free work projects.

Authenticity, involvement, keep asking questions and looking further makes us De Observeerders (The Observers).

A lot of our films are also available with English subtitles on YouTube.

We are:

Django Agterberg, editor, director, producer

Stefan Blokker, copywriter, translator

Jelle Dijkstra, camera

Sam Huisman, location recordist and sound design

Marten van Wijk, director, producer, photographer

© 2019 All material copyright by De Observeerders: Marten van Wijk, Sam Huisman, Jelle Dijkstra, Stefan Blokker, Django Agterberg and our clients.